Visionclean & Dernbacher Reinigungsmodell®

Complete solution

The cooperation results in an individual complete solution for the customer, which maps the entire quality management in the cleaning sector in an easy-to-use digital tool.

Time management, quality and data backup, service specifications, room books, training, presentations, documentation, inspection records and much more are centrally mapped in one application, while at the same time the customer has the most advanced cleaning model available in practice with the Dernbacher Reinigungsmodell®,

which is already being used at many locations throughout Germany.

The customer is not only supported by experts from the fields of hygiene and cleaning during the initial set-up, so that the concept can be tailored to the location, but also has the opportunity to permanently consult with Vision Clean and the Schubert Hygiene Institute in order to implement individual wishes and optimise processes.


Dernbacher Reinigungsmodell®

Service specifications in 3D

For room groups, workplaces and cleaning types: Comprehensible mapping of the performance specifications

Perfect cleaning route

Implementation of a clearly defined cleaning route, which has been developed according to the most efficient, effective and hygienic points of view.

Quality controls according to DIN EN 13549

Result evaluation of room groups, components and workplaces

Cleaning checkpoints

Visualisation of DIN 13063-compliant surfaces to be cleaned daily using coloured adhesive dots (blue, yellow, red). Improving orientation for cleaners, facilitating familiarisation by managers and overcoming language barriers.

Process audits and surveys

Plan, document, evaluate and train

Training, control & further education

Initial inspection, staff training and annual follow-up inspections with modern quality control methods ensure sustainable process, structural and result quality

Training offer

Consulting services

Your contact persons Visionclean

Peter Hennig
08 71 / 46 40 49 21
Andreas Kei
08 71 / 46 40 49 21

Your contact persons Dernbacher Reinigungsmodell®

Melanie Reese
02602 / 684 8700
Anna-Maria Rager
02602 / 684 8700
Kevin Krzysch
02602 / 684 8700
Dr. Manuel Heintz
02602 / 684 8700

The vision

Cleaning staff are able to take on more personal responsibility and proactively contribute to quality assurance.

Managers maintain an overview for sustainable improvement processes.

Clients receive transparent information about QM and hygiene measures.


Visionclean Peter Hennig
Lindlgasse 1
93339 Riedenburg

+49 (0) 160 90 74 37 29


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