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Future topic of digitization

Why cleaning staff in particular benefit from this

(first version: 11.09.2019)

Digitization is also on the advance in the cleaning industry. More and more apps are gaining ground that increase the understanding of tasks through visual district plans, work processes and service specifications. At the same time, they make an important contribution to ensuring efficiency and quality.

Do digital media have a motivating effect on cleaning staff or is modern technology perceived as an additional burden? Can the understanding of the task be improved and efficiency secured in the long term? How can the communication be made more transparent and the personal responsibility of the cleaning staff encouraged? Will the cleaning staff's performance be measurable with the aim of gaining more appreciation for them? Is a new culture of quality assurance possible? These and other questions on the future topic of digitization are currently being discussed in detail at the University Hospital Münster in a practical test with Visionclean, Landshut, and UKM Gebäudemanagement GmbH.

Tablet sorgt für mehr Transparenz

At the start of work, the cleaning specialist Maria Rosella Falcone logs on to the cleaning trolley with her tablet and opens the daily updated plan. At a glance she can see which activities are due today and which room groups need to be cleaned and how. Fig. 1  

Every activity and every room is indicated by a start and stop button. In between there are travel times and other unproductive events. This leads to more transparency and optimization potential when evaluating the district processes, says division manager Nelli Erhardt.

By double-clicking on each task, the specification of services for each room and cleaning type is displayed in screen size. Fig. 2  

The specified workflow, e.g. B. also show the hygienic sequence, as described in the training courses, step by step as a large picture if necessary. Fig. 3  

  In the event of a power failure, it is possible to work in offline mode or to have all image documents laminated on the cleaning trolley.

If there are reasons not to be able to carry out an activity or to have to interrupt it, the cleaning staff can communicate this by means of a note and request a follow-up. If there are other tasks in addition to the daily standard tasks, e.g. B. discharge or isolation room, the ward or facility management is able to upload this daily updated on the tablet of the cleaning staff.

The cleaning staff can use the info button to see the room number, disinfectant and a picture of the personal protective equipment to ensure that it is used correctly. This saves unnecessary trips. After completion of the activity, the completion is confirmed. Open points, maintenance reports or special incidents can therefore be viewed at any time. "This concept makes our personnel deployment planning easier when regular employees are absent," explains division manager Nelli Erhardt. "Since I've been using the tablet, I've been saving a lot of paper and travel times because the process is completely clear," adds cleaning specialist Maria Rosella Falcone. Fig. 4

Quality management, results control and process audits

With the Visionclean Q-App_4.0 according to DIN EN 13549 it is possible to check the results of usage components in room groups. Fig. 5  

All topics are mapped so that examiners do not forget anything. The rooms to be controlled can be selected using a random generator for all room types. Auditors and cleaning staff see the same view of the performance cycle of usage components for all room types.

With us, the cleaning staff are actively and independently involved in quality controls and carry out spot checks in important room groups, ”explains division manager Nelli Erhardt. “I find it enriching my job that I can also carry out checks myself,” says cleaning specialist Maria Rosella Falcone. Fig. 6

If the evaluation phase starts, the ratings are displayed with a yellow or red mark if they fall below two specified quality levels. In this way, weak points can be identified at a glance and improvement measures can be initiated promptly. The color-coded resubmission list stores all unsatisfactory reviews until they are dealt with. Test images and audits can be supplemented with evaluation text, repair report and photo.

The digital audit tool allows the process quality to be checked regularly, e.g. B. with regard to workplaces, work clothing and occupational safety. All audit topics and questions can be edited. Are unnecessary travel times used? Is the hygienic sequence correct in order to avoid the spread of germs? Is the cloth folded correctly? “With our new audit program, we can keep an eye on all important processes at all times,” says division manager Nelli Erhardt

Auf verständliche Weise visualisiert die App Visionclean 4.0 die Themen Leistungsverzeichnisse, Schulung, Arbeitsablauf und Qualitätssicherung. Auftraggeber, Management und Reinigungskräfte können jederzeit auf die gleichen Informationen zugreifen und bei Bedarf Verbesserungsmaßnahmen einleiten. Und das ohne Zeitverlust.

Peter Hennig, Visionclean

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The vision

Cleaning staff are able to take on more personal responsibility and proactively contribute to quality assurance.

Managers maintain an overview for sustainable improvement processes.

Clients receive transparent information about QM and hygiene measures.


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